Chevron Thinks We’re All Stupid – Punk Chevron!

Why Chevron?

Chevron is responsible for one of the largest environmental disasters in history. Rather than take responsibility for its oil pollution in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, however, the oil giant is waging unprecedented legal, public relations, and lobbying campaigns to avoid having to clean up environmental and public health catastrophes that continue today.

Chevron’s dangerous, irresponsible practices and policies are not confined to Ecuador — or to the past.

Today, Chevron’s century-old oil refinery in Richmond, California, is the state’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. For decades, this pollution has caused high rates of asthma, cancer, and heart disease in the region. But instead of reducing pollution, Chevron has been trying to “update” the refinery to process heavier oil grades, which would spew greater amounts of global warming and disease-causing gases into our atmosphere.

Angry and frustrated that oil companies like Chevron think they can ignore their environmental and human rights abuses while cleaning up their image with high-cost ad campaigns? We agree! Enter our contest now and help hold Chevron accountable by making sure the company doesn’t get away with its greenwash….