Hidden Formulae

Ed digs through the suitcase he stole. Inside he finds it filled with meaningless
books, but then suddenly two stand out. “A Well of False Truths”, and, “Hidden
Formulae” Formulae is a word that dates back to 1618. Definition: a : a general
fact, rule, or principle expressed in mathematical symbols. Many believe
this word was created in 1618 because of the special properties this number
holds. Some believe this number to be the key to the universe, or its “Hidden
Formulae”. See the video here: http://usahitman.com/?p=7462 We must dig
deeper but still remain skeptical as the other book title warns, or we may tumble
down “A Well of False Truths”.
Deeper in the case Ed finds a list of names. The first clue? Who are these
people? Could they be members of Zenith? I’ll keeping digging for more pieces
of video, you keeping digging for the truth.

Hidden Formulae



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