Do You Know What Zenith Means?

This piece of video begins to reveal the dark history behind Zenith. Getting it wasn’t easy this time. Our benefactor has apparently stopped trusting the mail.

A note was slipped under our web designer’s door, with a location scrawled hastily inside.

I knew the cross streets. It was the edge of park, in a paper bag deep within a garbage can there. On our way we felt like we were being watched, but we must still be safe, because we’re here, passing this video on to you.

He uploaded the video to YouTube here:

Ed Crowley

The video can also be downloaded here:

What is this secret society of men? Who are they? What do they want? There is a lot to piece together, but one thing is certain; they want to stay in control, and they’ll do anything to protect their position. Small people like you and me, we don’t matter, if we’re in the way, they’ll remove us.

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